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Airstop Sprint 310ml
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AIRSTOP Sealant SPRINT 310ml
Isocell's Special odourless quick-dry sealant for permanent elastic sealing of gaps, joints of building components and overlaps of vapour & airtight retarders and vapour & airtight barriers in drywall constructions e.g. gaps around door and window installations.

Advantages:· high initial adhesive properties of freshly attached foils · adhesion to a broad spectrum of materials (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals) · resistance to freezing to –30°C and workable from –5°C · no priming required · separated joints can be re-joined due to the self-adhesive properties · fast functioning solidity of foils · no clamping batten needed for installation · no dripping at gaps, joints of building components and butt-joint overlaps in dry lining (with the exception of swimming pool environments) and e.g. in installation of windows and doors in accordance with Austrian standard ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.

AIRSTOP Sealant SPRINT has great adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates these include : wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals · as well of course to all membranes and foils used for achieving air tightness, or vapour control. It has an impressive resistance to freezing to –30°C and is workable from –5°C · no priming required · One of the main characteristics is that it can be rejoined YES!! separated joints can be re-joined due to the self-adhesive properties · Isocell AIRSTOP SPRINT can be adhered to immediately after applying.AIRSTOP Sealant ‛SPRINT is an adhesive sealing compound for a permanently elastic airtight seal. There is no need for clamping battens as with some adhesives. Isocell Airstop Cleaner can be used to clean off Isocell AIRSTOP Sealant SPRINT off of all tools and equipment.

Application is easy, apply a 5mm bead on smooth surfaces and up to a 10mm bead on rough surfaces, there is no need to prime the surface, but ensure it is dry clean and free from dust, we always recommend as with any adhesive the proper preparation of the substrate, this may include if necessary the removal of any mortar snots etc. brushing or blowing off any dust , and allowing water logged block work walls to dry out, cables and wires going down the wall etc. can be safely embedded in order to get a good seal . Most important is that you have a continuous bead, this will prevent potential air leakage though small gaps / breakages in the bead.

Once the adhesive has been applied : press the membrane onto it in a light manner, the objective is not to apply such pressure that the bead is flattened or spread out , apply membrane by applying pressure with one finger either side of the bead(see picture below) , ensure you have pressed the membrane securely along the whole length of the wall, in difficult areas like corners etc, you can apply more Sprint if necessary in order to complete the seal, overlaps of membranes that pass over the beaded seal should also be sealed off, again you can use Airstop Adhesive paste to ensure this, by applying the adhesive between the overlapped membrane and adhering them together.

Airstop Sprint can also be used to seal off overlapping membranes instead of a tape if so desired. Expect to get where from 14-16meters of a 5mm out of one 310ml tube, and and 27-29 meters out of a 600mm Foil pack Sausage, don't forget we also supply the necessary application guns, which will take both the 310ml and 600ml sausages. For the professional user we can also supply a compressed air dispenser.


Freshly applied AIRSTOP Sealant ‛SPRINT must be protected from moisture and rain. Depending on the evenness of the substrate, apply a 4-8mm bead of the sealant to the entire surface of the dust and grease-free vapour retarder/barrier or the building material. The foil is joined together allowing a relief loop as strain relief and fixed by applying light pressure (do not press the bead flat, it should remain > 1 mm thick). Do not subject the adhesive to tensile stress before drying.

AIRSTOP Sealant ‛SPRINT has the function of sealant, not of a strong connector. Adhesion of non-absorbent materials is possible by the contact adhesive method (after initial touch-drying 16- 20 hours in a dust-free environment).

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